Latest Campaign

Big Give Christmas Challenge 2019 is COMPLETE. Thank you to all our supporters!

This exciting campaign has been a huge success and we have raised over £85 000 in all!  

Afghan Connection (AC) is working to support the young people of Worsaj and Rustaq Districts, North Afghanistan, to a better future. Hundreds of children live in areas with no access to education-the Government schools are just too far away. Many children and especially girls, miss out on an education. There is a simple solution. Community Based Education. AC sets up classes in remote areas at the request of the communities. The community provides the space and AC provides the teachers, stationery and books. Teachers often come from the government schools built by AC and are supported with ongoing mentoring and training. It costs just £50 for a child to have a year of education. Offer the gifts of education and hope to some of the most marginalised children on this planet. Donations made outside of the campaign week (December 3-10 2019) will still go to this project, but can no longer be doubled.  

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