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Afghan Connection funds and supports schools, teachers and sports opportunities, especially in rural areas. With our partners we have built 42 schools across Afghanistan, which currently educate over 50,000 children.

The people of Afghanistan have lived with war for thirty years. Almost half the population are children under 14. Since 2001, the number of school children has risen from 1 million to over 9 million, 40% of whom are girls, but millions of children are still denied an education.

The children who learn today are the teachers, doctors, nurses, agriculturalists and leaders of tomorrow.  The country has a chance to develop a strong economy, a stable society and its own promising future.               donate now..

36 Schools Built

Dr Sarah Fane

Dr Sarah Fane founded Afghan Connection in 2002 after working as a wartime doctor in Afghanistan. “At the start we provided medical equipment, training and support for vaccination programs, immunising over 72,000 women and children a year. Today we are focusing on education projects in Worsaj, in Northeastern Afghanistan, to achieve a strong and sustainable impact across one area. 

In this remote, mountainous region most adults are illiterate but are determined their children should have an education.  People here have resisted Soviet and Taliban forces and now look to us for help. The community is keen to collaborate with us and has provided land and labour for our work. We are proud of the 39 schools we have built which provide education for over 50,000 children.”                                                       

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In 2011 we launched the Worsaj Education Project in the Takhar province of North Eastern Afghanistan.  We aim to fund at least 2 school constructions each year while supporting community schools, teacher training and district education authorities.          

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