Big Give 2018 Christmas Campaign

We are so proud to announce that we have raised in excess of £65,000 through the Big Give match funding campaign for our #500GIRLS of Kiwan School. A wonderful kick-start to this exciting campaign.
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An Evening of Entertainment

It was an evening to remember! An eclectic mix of fun and laughter at the New Theatre in Oxford on Monday 24th September!

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Afghan Connection International Award Winner

We are proud to announce that Afghan Connection WON the Big Give International Charity Award for our 2017 Christmas Campaign.

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Read about our latest visit to projects in Afghanistan

CEO Dr Sarah Fane returned from an inspiring visit to Afghanistan in April 2018. She visited schools across Takhar and was given the most wonderful welcome by the local people.

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The Only Girl in her Class

The girls in N..... village normally study at school only up to Grade 7 or 8  - around 13 years old.  Then, they have to leave school.

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