#500GIRLS of Kiwan School


Rustaq is the most underserved district for education in Takhar Province, Afghanistan.

It suffers from drought and poverty. Just 20% of the population has access to safe water.

50% of villages have no school and 50% of schools have no building. Kiwan School for 500 girls is just one of the schools which desperately needs a building. Dr Fane, CEO, visited Kiwan in April 2018. The girls were all studying outside in a field in the freezing rain and lessons were cancelled when it became impossible to work. 

Afghan Connection is working to support the young people of Rustaq to a better future.

Join our campaign #500GIRLS to build a school for over 500 girls in Kiwan Village and help us to transform life for some of the most marginalised girls on the planet with the gift of education and hope.

These girls are determined to be the bright future of their country. They study outside and desperately need a school. The school runs from Grades 1-12 and just 11 girls graduated in 2017.

With a secure environment to study, many more girls will be allowed to access and complete an education and fulfil their dreams. 

The school will have 10 fully furnished classrooms, 4 admin rooms and a resource centre housing a well-equipped science laboratory and computer suite/library. There will be 10 latrines a well and a surrounding wall. We aim to give these girls the best chance to study and compete for jobs in the future.  

The biggest obstacles to education in Rustaq are the lack of school buildings, teachers and water. Many children spend their day collecting water for their homes. AC is working in Rustaq to address all these obstacles. Kiwan will be our 6th school construction in this district and is an important part of our plan for all children to benefit from a quality education.

 AC also trains teachers and especially female teachers, and it supports more than 1500 pupils in community based classes set up for those children who cannot reach the nearest school.