Choose A Challenge 19 Campaign

The beginning of the year is a time for fresh starts and sticking to those few resolutions that actually work for you.

Why not kick start your year and choose a sporting challenge and at the same time help raise money for education in Afghanistan.

Choose a challenge - you can walk, run, cycle or even climb! Absolutely anything that inspires you and over any distance - you may find 5K the ultimate challenge or this may be the year you tackle your first half marathon! Take your challenge inside or out, in the gym or over a mountain, on your own or with friends and colleagues and on any date throughout this year. Keep us posted with your plans and more importantly let us know your results. We will spread the word across our social media channels.

Afghan Connection's Finance Officer did The Fan Dance Race on 13th July as her challenge.

A great website that allows you to search for organised events over various distances, across different sports and in different locations is but there are a multitude of options and ideas out there so go and find your challenge! #ChooseAChallenge19