Wereof School

Please help us to get the children of Wereof School out of the dust and into classrooms!

The school is located in Worsaj, a remote district in Takhar Province, North Afghanistan. The Wereof project is part of AC’s strategy to create access to education for ALL children in Worsaj, where barely a single adult woman is literate. This will be AC’s 18th school construction in Takhar Province and its 48th in Afghanistan

A school building transforms the educational experience for children. This is particularly important for girls, as parents are much more likely to let their daughters stay in school if they are being educated in a safe environment with a surrounding wall for privacy.  The teachers at the current makeshift Wereof School, themselves graduates of schools built by AC, are doing a fantastic job of educating 192 children (112 girls, 80 boys) from Grades 1-6. However, the children have to study outside or in cramped, run down shelters.

£121,500 will build: A 6 classroom building for 192 children · 5 latrines · A perimeter security wall · admin and guard’s rooms.   AC works alongside the community and implementing partner, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan to deliver school projects which meet the needs of children and their families.  

The Ministry of Education has recognised Wereof as a formal primary school; this is a positive move indicating that the Ministry will eventually take over the funding of all the teachers’ salaries. The community has given land for the school and will provide some free labour during construction. They approached AC for help with this project and are desperate for their children to have access to a good quality education. In conjunction with the Local District Education department, they will be responsible for keeping the building in good working order.

Please help us to make this school a reality!