Building Pitches

Since 2008 Afghan Connection has built 95 cricket pitches serving over 100,000 children in 22 provinces of Afghanistan. Cricket clothing and kit has been provided to over 100 schools, with 180 school teachers benefiting from training in cricket coaching. 4,550 boys and girls have been coached by AYCSO and members of the Afghanistan National Cricket Team. 

Wherever we build pitches, we also contribute to vital building and maintenance repairs needed in each school. This includes construction of latrine blocks, wells, new classrooms and walls.  Teachers from these schools will join our training programme and the children will attend the camps. Our aim for 2013-15 is to build six pitches a year in one province where cricket is very popular. It costs £2,000 to build a cricket pitch in a school, whilst the repair and development is approximately £4,000 for each school.

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2013 Pitches


2013 has seen the building of 6 pitches in Nangaher Province in Eastern Afghanistan benefitting over 12,500 girls and boys.

Abdul Hameed school, Murad Ali school, Pashtonistan school, Sayed Jamaluddin school and  Ahdad school have all had ptiches funded by the M.C.C. Foundation and Wazir M Gul Khan School has a new pitch funded by a private donor.  As part of our pitch building programme the schools undergo repairs, facilities are inproved, new classrooms added and the children are provided with cricket kit and can attend cricket camps.



Map of Pitches

2013 will see the completion of 6 pitches in the Nangarhar Province in Eastern Afghanistan. 

These will be used by over 12,500 children.

This map shows the 22 Provinces where Afghan Connection has built cricket pitches in since 2009


AC has consolidated its support in cricket. We will focus our efforts on key areas of Afghanistan which have a strong cricketing base or which have shown a keen interest in the sport. We have reached 22 provinces with our projects. Year 1 has concentrated in the East, Year 2 will focus on Kunduz, in North Afghanistan.

The plan is  to identify 5 schools in one region where pitches could be built in schools during one year. Simultaneously, we will hold 5 cricket camps for children in that region, inviting students from the schools where we are building pitches and integrating these students so that healthy competition can build up between these schools. Coaching camps will be held for teachers in this area ensuring sustainability for the teaching and practice of cricket in the schools where we have built pitches and in other regional schools. Three different areas will be tackled over the three years of funding and our aim in the last year will be to hold a competition between all these schools. For more information see our Cricket Strategy