Community Based Schools

"For Afghans, it is our strong belief that education is the most powerful means for achieving a sustainable peace and stability" Farooq Wardak, Education Minister for Afghanistan.

In rural isolated areas such as Worsaj, many young children, especially girls are denied an education because it is just too far for them to walk to the nearest formal primary school. Community Based Education provides a solution to this problem and gives these young children the chance to benefit from schooling at the primary level.

Classes are often established in the house of the Imam or in the Mosque and the teacher is a member of the community who is known and trusted by the parents. We have seen the number of community classes grow as more community schools are set-up and the the demand for education increases. 

Each year we aim to support up to 40 community schools and since 2011 pupil numbers have increased from 800 to 1200. 

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Worsaj is a mountainous district of North East Afghanistan with a population of 70,000.  Afghan Connection's education initiative here is designed to make a more sustainable impact in a smaller area, rather than continuing to fund school construction across broader geographical areas of Afghanistan.

The majority of adults in Worsaj are illiterate, but are determined that their children should have an education.  The area is very remote and difficult to reach, but once there the security is good and we work closely with our partners The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan who are well known and respected in the region.

The impact of our projects in Worsaj has been so successful that we have been invited to support the neighbouring district of Fakhar and Rustaq.


"For Afghans, it is our strong belief that education is the most powerful means for achieving a sustainable peace and stability" Farooq Wardak, Education Minister for Afghanistan.

Afghan Connection aims to make education projects self-sustaining.  Over the coming years we will be providing training and infrastructure to District Education Authorities, contributing to their ability to introduce and maintain schooling. Our projects will be used as templates to help develop education across Afghanistan.


11 District education employees have been given training in Worsaj and have been equipped with computers and printers.  This District Education Department (DED) is one of few outlying districts which is computerised.  In 2011, AC provided 4 laptops, in 2012, 3 more were provided including one for our programme monitor. Two, week long, headmasters training sessions have been funded. Two graduates from our schools have been employed by AC to monitor our Worsaj Education Project, providing feedback for donors and updates on our progress.

Farkhar is the neighbouring district to Worsaj and has similar ethnic make up, security and attitude to education.  The DED there, has been asking AC and SCA to include Farkhar in our programme. SCA agrees that this would be a good way to spread our work as, economically it makes sense as we are already in the area.  The plan is to include the Farkhar DED in training and to motivate and share training sessions.  We can bring the two together more and they can learn from each other.

A further idea is to include the school committees (each school has a committee of community participants who take an active interest in matters of the school) in the training so they can lobby the Provincial Education Departments and the Ministry of Educaiton. They will also encourage the community to maintain and repair their own schools,  so the community will  no longer be dependent on SCA and Afghan Connection in the future.




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