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Bonita Trust gives $65,852 for a school construction in Worsaj

Dihmeeran School is part of Afghan Connection’s exciting initiative in Community Based Education (CBE). In remote areas like Worsaj, many children are denied an education because it is too far for them to walk to the nearest primary school. In such places, Afghan Connection’s CBE programme establishes school classes in the local houses or mosques, providing and training teachers and funding stationery. When these schools reach grade 6, they are recognised as formal primary schools by the Ministry of Education (MoE) , which then takes over the running of the schools. Dihmeeran has recently been registered by the MoE and thanks to Bonita, Afghan Connection can provide a building for its children.
Dr Sarah Fane “I will be visiting the school in October and will see the construction in progress. At a time when international troops are withdrawing  from Afghanistan, the construction of this school will be a beacon of hope for the people of Worsaj and a commitment from Afghan Connection to continue our support in to the future. This is a wonderful good news story for the children in this valley and we are indebted to the Bonita Trust for their help".
This will be the 3rd project that Afghan Connection and Bonita Trust have worked on together in Worsaj. Previously Bonita have supported a school construction for over 500 girls at Khadeja Kubretal school and more recently a school construction for a community-based school for 291 children at Kemyan school. Afghan Connection is extremely grateful for this continued support from Bonita Trust.