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Cricket Projects Summary 2009-17


Afghan Connection (AC) is a registered UK charity supporting Education and Cricket in Afghanistan. It was set up by Dr Sarah Fane OBE in 2002, following her visits to Afghanistan as a doctor during the Soviet War and under the Taliban.


AC has funded 46 school constructions serving some 75,000 children and training programmes for over 900 teachers in remote and underserved regions of Afghanistan. It provides access to education through Community Based Education to over 2000 children who cannot reach the nearest schools. The work of the charity is transforming areas in the remote North of Afghanistan. AC also runs an awareness programme with UK schools, linking them to our projects in Afghanistan.


Since 2008, AC has been supporting cricket in Afghanistan. It began with delivery of equipment to the Afghan Team when their National Academy was a dust field in Kabul and the team was in Division 5 of the World Cricket League. Afghanistan played in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, inspiring the hopes and dreams of the Afghan people and uniting a war torn nation. In partnership with the M.C.C., AC has supported grassroots cricket in 22 provinces, offering the young people of Afghanistan the opportunity to participate in and to learn the skills of the nation’s fastest growing sport.

In 2009/10 the M.C.C. gave financial backing for AC’s cricket projects, under the brand of M.C.C. Spirit of Cricket.  A private donor then took on the funding from 2010-12, retaining the brand of the Spirit of Cricket. In 2013, the M.C.C. Foundation awarded AC a 3 year grant. AC received funding from UK Government in 2016 to build  cricket pitches in schools and renovate and upgrade school facilities. On 11th July 2017 The Afghanistan National Cricket Team plays the MCC at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

Impact of AC’s cricket projects 2009-17:

  • 97 pitches built at schools serving well over 100,000 children
  • Cricket clothing and kit provided to 80 schools
  • 4500 children coached
  • 180 school teachers trained in coaching cricket
  • 9 regional tournaments held
  • ICC Level 1 coaching programme for 44 men and women
  • Players coached at our camps have played in the U16 and U19 National sides and in the Afghanistan National Cricket Team

AC has, through grants from the UK Government and a private donor, renovated 73 schools where we have built cricket pitches, so that education can thrive alongside sport.

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