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    Shirazuddin Siddiqi

    Shirazuddin is the BBC Media Action Country Director for Afghanistan. With over 21 years of experience in media, Shirazuddin has a distinguished track record as a director of educational and development programming for Afghan audiences and has worked with a wide range of donors. He also worked with key Afghan and international stakeholders in developing the legal framework for media development in Afghanistan, including the present media law. He co-wrote the policy briefing ‘The media of Afghanistan: the challenges of transition’ which has been very well received in Afghanistan and internationally. He has written numerous articles and book chapters on various projects he has worked on and on the role of media in society.

    He joined the BBC’s Afghan Education Project in 1994, and was responsible for many projects including the long-running radio soap opera in Dari and Pashto, "New Home, New Life".  While running the AEP, he launched the Afghan publishing house which, for the first time in Afghan history, published high quality illustrated storybooks for Afghan children in the country’s two main languages of Dari and Pashto. Evidence showed that during the Taliban these storybooks were used in clandestine home schools as text books. He also launched the successful stand-alone educational programme for children, “Our World, Our Future”, in response to Taliban’s ban on girls education in the late 1990s, again in two languages. He led the localisation of AEP until it was successfully launched as an Afghan NGO in April 2012. Later that year he launched the multimedia debate show Open Jirga, which is jointly produced by BBC Media Action and Radio Television Afghanistan.  Before joining the BBC, Shirazuddin was a lecturer in drama at Kabul University.

    “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”