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    Sophia Bergqvist


    Bergqvist is the Managing Director and Owner of Quinta de la Rosa, producing port and wine form the family vineyard in N Portugal since 1988.  Prior to this, she spent fifteen years working for the strategic management consultants, Booz, Allen & Hamilton in London, Paris and Lisbon as a Principal, responsible for marketing and media, and at Samuel Montagu, the Invest Bank.

    She has always been interested in education and economic development having studied Geography at Cambridge University. She is a Governor of a secondary school, Fitzharrys, in Abingdon.  She has become moved by the plight of the Afghanis and strongly believes that we have a responsibility to help them since our involvement in the country post September 11th.

    As a patron, she hopes to bring her entrepreneurial, business and marketing skills to Afghan Connection. 

    “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.”