Afghan Connection, in partnership with the MCC, supports cricket across Afghanistan, hosting tournaments, building pitches, holding coaching camps and providing cricket kit and equipment. Players coached at our camps have played in the U16 and U19 National sides and the Afghanistan National Cricket Team.



Our Impact 

110 pitches built at schools serving over 100,000 children

200 school teachers trained in coaching cricket

110 schools provided with cricket clothing and kit 

12 regional tournaments held

4,600 children coached

44 men and women trained in ICC Level 1 coaching 


our work

  • Tournaments
    Afghan Connection has built cricket pitches in schools across 22 provinces of Afghanistan. It holds tournaments in areas where pitches have been built, offering schools the chance to participate in competitive sports. Up to 6 teams at a time come together to compete. Afghan Connection provides a venue; clothing and kit for the teams; umpires; coaches; prizes and refreshments. Tournaments bring together children from different schools, backgrounds and ethnic groups, all united by the power of cricket. 



  • Pitches & kit

    Afghan Connection builds concrete wickets in school playgrounds. These may be netted if space is limited. Cricket kit and clothing is donated to each school. Pitches have been built in 22 of Afghanistan's provinces and bring hope and joy to thousands of children who want to participate in the nation's fastest growing sport.




  • Coaching camps

    Afghan Connection has been holding coaching camps since 2009. 6000 girls and boys have been coached, often by their heroes, members of the Afghanistan National Cricket Team. The projects are implemented by our partner, the Afghan Youth Cricket Support Organisation, which is run by Afghanistan's former captain, Raees Ahmadzai, who also coaches the National squads and is on the Afghan Cricket Board. Coaching camps are held for students when pitches are built in schools. Camps have been held for boys, girls and children with disabilities. They are so popular, that at one camp for 50 boys, 12,000 turned up! Young players have been scouted at these camps and some go on to play for the National teams.


  • Sustainability

    Afghan Connection runs coaching camps for teachers from schools where pitches have been built.These teachers are trained in coaching technique so that they can pass on skills to their students in years to come. Camps are held for 20 teachers at a time in areas where pitches have been constructed. 200 teachers have been coached since 2012.





"The impact has been beyond our wildest dreams" - MATTHEW FLEMING, MCC

“The power of sport, in this case cricket, to change, inspire and empower communities has never been better illustrated in recent years than through the story of the Afghanistan cricket team, which has risen to prominence despite overwhelming challenges. Since 2002, Afghan Connection has been working tirelessly, using education and sport, to provide opportunities to young people, often brought up in extremely challenging situations. By providing facilities, coaching and equipment, Afghan Connection has given thousands of boys and girls the opportunity to play and enjoy a life-enhancing game. I’m delighted to support these endeavours.” - MIKE ATHERTON, AC PATRON

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