Our Story

Dr Sarah Fane founded Afghan Connection in 2002 after working as a wartime doctor in Afghanistan.  At the start we provided medical equipment and training and support for vaccination programmes, immunising more than 72,000 women and children a year. 

Our work focused increasingly on education, in the belief that this is the cornerstone of all progress in Afghanistan. We supported school building across 10 provinces of Afghanistan.  We are proud of the 47 school constructions we have funded which have supported more than 75,000 children.

Since 2011 we have focussed on education projects in Takhar Province, Northeastern Afghanistan, in the districts of Worsaj and Rustaq, to achieve a strong and sustainable impact in one area. In this remote mountainous region, most adults are illiterate but are determined their children should have an education.  

Afghan Connection's 2019 Impact Evaluation shows that at least 80% of girls and boys are now accessing education.


"Having got to know about the work of the Afghan Connection a few years ago, it became abundantly clear to me that Dr. Sarah Fane and her very small and dedicated band of helpers have achieved amazing results in bringing education, and in particular education for girls, to so many children in Afghanistan."


Find out what it's like to visit the projects in Takhar Province.  Read about  Dr Sarah Fane's visits to Afghanistan. 

Watch this video diary charting a typical visit to the rural communities where education is transforming lives. 




To read more about Dr Sarah Fane's enthusiasm for Afghanistan and her regular visits to our school projects, here is an article in MORE magazine.